Together with Niels-Peter Jensen, a team of motorcycle enthusiasts will travel through India to raise awareness for the cause, hand out helmets to motorcyclists and families and educate them on wearing helmets securely.


The team will spend the first few days in Mumbai where the project's first Helmet Art Show will be organized by Moto Art Show. Customized helmets by artists from all over the world will be the star of the art exhibition along with moto art from local Indian artists.


One bike ridden from Bombay to Goa, will be customized together with local customizer to symbolize the newly arising connection between the European and Indian motorcycle community. After the tour, this bike will be presented at numerous events across Europe.


From the world famous Gateway of India in Mumbai, the crew will start their tour towards Goa. Along the way, the team will hand out helmets and also visit local motorcycle enthusiasts, builders and local heroes to raise awareness for the cause.


Once the team arrives in Goa, a get together with the local motorcycle community to share the journey and experiences at Royal Enfield Garage Café will mark the end of the first charity adventure road trip through India.


Caro Fitus

* Germany

* Traveller & Motorcycle Racer

Dean Stockton

* Great Britain

* Aka D*Face

Francesca Gasperi 

* Italy

* Photographer & Motorcycle Racer 

Ganesh Shinde

* India

* Artist & Local Hero 

Niels-Peter Jensen

* Germany

* TV Host, Extremesports Athlete & Designer