Helmets for India is a charity initiative to change safety situation and culture for motorcyclists in India.


During his last TV production in India in 2018, the initiator of Helmets for India, Niels-Peter Jensen was appalled to see that most people riding scooters and motorcycles through the craziest traffic in the world don’t wear helmets. Especially women and kids who make up most of the pillion riders, push through crowded traffic, in which there is little safety regulation or policing. Witnessing a two wheeler accident involving a small kid marked Niels profoundly.

As a father and a biker, he felt compelled to do something that would help bring about a change. After many discussions with the locals and with his friends in India and abroad, the idea for ‘Helmets for India’ was born and with the support of a like-minded team the project becomes reality - Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!


The safety requirements for two wheelers in India are still catastrophic and the statistics shocking.

India has reported the most traffic deaths worldwide which includes 327 motorcycle deaths each day.

Not surprisingly, most motorcycle deaths are a result of head injuries. Wearing a motorcycle helmet securely can reduce the risk of death by 40% and the risk of heavy head injury by 70%.


(Based on WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018)


Helmets for India will use the power of art to globally unite the motorcycle community to raise awareness for the cause and giveaway at least 1,000 helmets to people in India.

Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!

In the long term, HFI will collaborate with

non-profits in India working to improve road safety and help bring about a 

change in the perception of wearing a helmet.