About Us

The power of a community. And the magic of art. When the two come together, it gathers strength to bring about changes and make ideas work. Helmets For India strongly believes that by bringing together the global motorcycling community through art to spread awareness about safe riding amongst the everyday commuter.


Helmets For India is on a mission to educate the people about wearing a helmet while riding by organising awareness drives and giving away helmets to people in need.


The initiative welcomes individuals and organisations to join hands and together take a formidable step in making Indian roads a safer place.


AKA NPJ, Niels is a quite well-known mountain biker. In the course of his travels across the world, he started dabbling in multiple media to share his adventures and stories with the world. In the process, he discovered his other passion - design. Today, he runs his motorcycle design studio by the name of NPJ Designs, where he also works bicycles, fashion and home accessories.


In 2018, during his visit to India, he fell in love with the infectious energy of the country and decided to make it his second home. He was quite moved to see people riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets. In an effort to contribute positively, he decided to bring about a change. He joined hands with his friends and the locals to initiate Helmets For India.


With the motto of safe rides for everyone, everywhere, he spearheads the movement to bring about a change, slowly but surely.


For the last 120 years, Royal Enfield has strongly believed and advocated the importance of safety in riding. Whether on an everyday commute or the ride of a lifetime, Royal Enfield has maintained high standards of self-protection. The initiation of the line of protective riding gear and genuine motorcycle accessories has been a step forward in this direction.


In collaborating with Helmets For India, Royal Enfield reiterates its commitment and practices what it preaches. It extends complete support to Helmets For India by providing all helmets that are required to create artworks and distribute them among people in need. Together, the initiative is aimed at reaching out to the world of two-wheeler riders at large and catalyse a positive change.



Renowned artists and motorcycling fans from across the world are giving life to helmets to turn them into artifacts. This bunch of creations is going to be exhibited across motorcycling events to raise funds for the cause. Here is a sneak peek.


Different geographies, varied backgrounds, diverse styles but united by one common passion - motorcycling. Artists from across the world come together to give visual expressions to Helmets For India. Here is the list.

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