Jet Bailey

She has an educational background in fine arts as well as art therapy. However, her passion lies in all things motorcycling. Her art, therefore, aims to explore and reflect on the contrast between the beauty of femininity, and the more masculine trends of motorcycle culture and fashion.

Viktoria Maria Greiner

She started her career as a design engineer but has now shifted her focus to helmet designs, motorcycle tanks and decorative objects. She gives life to her client’s ideas by using diverse artistic techniques and turning every helmet, tank or other object into a unique piece of work.

Rakel Karlsdóttir

Trained in architecture, she designs houses, furniture and collectible art pieces. She is known for her craftsmanship, working with steel, wood, leather and clay. Her inspiration comes from her experience of travelling across cities all through her life, either on a train, plane or riding on her motorcycle.

Ron Miller

RON MILLER is a Berlin-based artist duo made of Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh. Since 2017, they have been creating original and multidisciplinary 2D and 3D works inspired by urban and conceptual art, with references to pop art and culture.

Malou Kalay

Born in 1983, Malou Kalay grew up in the Netherlands. She started painting early and discovered her penchant for the art. Soon, she made it a pursuit and dreamt of creating her own, unique identity.

Broder Boll

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Broder work as a resident artist in a tattoo studio called kodiak. He describes his tattoo style as old-school, blackwork, fine-line and dotwork. He likes to give the typical old-school a new design and bring in his own touch.

Francesco Colombo

Born in Monza in the late 80s, Francesco has been an ardent fan of cars and motorcycles since his childhood. Hailing from the town that hosts the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, as a child, his drawings often reproduced scenes from the Grand Prix.

Allan Bestle

Born in Denmark, Allan Bestle lives and works in Berlin since 2011. As an archaeologist of the archetype, his pictorial universe is filled with archetypes, signs and symbols.

Coco Helmets

Hailing from Barcelona, Enric Ferreres is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design. The 24-year-old loves any sport on wheels or boards, besides being passionate about animals and arts.

Vincent Kamp

Surrey-born Vincent Kamp is acknowledged as one of the UK’s most evocative and exciting new artists. Fascinated by the dark, gritty underground world of urban subculture, his paintings delve beneath the surface of social class.

Art Anything

Mumbai-based Surekha Sonawane is an interior designer by profession. She is also a part-time art teacher and a social worker at an orphanage. She is a self-taught and independent artist.

Bobbie Serrano

Bobbie Serrano, born in Münster, is a trained social worker and an artist. The most striking feature of his artworks are the abstract birds, which he brings onto a canvas or wooden wall with oil pastel, spray paint and watercolors.

Brush Monkey

Kaustuv Das aka KD, or better known as Brush Monkey, is a young artist from Guwahati, India, currently based out of Pune. KD has graduated in filmmaking but his passion lies in painting.

Jorunn Sannes

Hailing from Norway, she was initially trained in Textile Design, followed by painting from Mexico. She has been actively involved in multiple projects including public art projects, consultant work and group exhibitions.

Jussi Pakalen

Jussi got interested in graphics and graffiti in the early 80`s. The early skateboard graphics and graffiti inspired him at an early age. He bought himself the first set of airbrushes and started making graffiti on walls across the city.

Ornamental Conifer

Ornamental Conifer is the moniker of British artist, Nicolai Sclater. Over the past few years Conifer has travelled internationally producing work for exhibitions and private collectors, as well as working closely with large brands on commercial projects.

Image Design Custom

Specialising in custom paint and bespoke design for motorcycles, helmets, bicycles and more. We help some of the world’s leading brands and athletes achieve true individuality and style through the magic of paint.

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