Art Anything

Mumbai-based Surekha Sonawane is an interior designer by profession. She is also a part-time art teacher and a social worker at an orphanage. She is a self-taught and independent artist. She has trained herself and enhanced her skill through constant self-challenge, self-criticism, perseverance and conviction in her art.


She finds solace in art and has made it her expression and tool to defy norms.


Initially inspired by her artist uncles, the curiosity and intrigue in the ability to whirl brushes and spraying colours allured her.


She graduated with a degree in Interior Design from L.S Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, in 2016.


After years of practice, she started gaining traction and was getting recognised and approached for numerous exciting projects. From the street wall painting project Chal Rang De's to Motorart, her journey has been exceptionally thrilling and waiting for more.

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