Coco Helmets

Hailing from Barcelona, Enric Ferreres is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design. The 24-year-old loves any sport on wheels or boards, besides being passionate about animals and arts.


During the global lockdown of 2020, he brought together two of his biggest passions, drawing and motorcycle helmets. The time allowed for reflection and experiments that resulted in quite impressive outcomes. He received very positive feedback from the audience on social media for his creations and soon he started receiving orders and customers. 


Images of nature and wildlife, such as the jungle, animals, plants, ocean etc. inspires him a lot and can be found across his works. So do the visuals from indigenous tribes. The characteristic beautiful patterns and shapes as well as intense and vivid colours of this populace is reinterpreted on his helmet artworks to evoke a feeling of freshness, joy and good vibes.

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