Ron Miller

RON MILLER is a Berlin-based artist duo made of Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh. Since 2017, they have been creating original and multidisciplinary 2D and 3D works inspired by urban and conceptual art, with references to pop art and culture.


What defines RON MILLER is their unique approach to making art as a duo and the resulting unique aesthetic language that is born out of a harmonious synergy between the two artists. Ronny and Marcus operate together as two complete opposites that complement and enrich each other. Their art benefits as a result from an extra pair of eyes, hands, and hearts, furthering their collective vision, enhancing their storytelling, deepening their understanding and ability to move and inspire. 


Their works are both personal and universal in their language, speaking primarily to cosmopolitan urban professionals from the creative industries, tech entrepreneurs, and athletes. The two most defining features of RON MILLER’s art – the Geisha and the FUCK FAME tag and finger – are present throughout different series and in a variety of media: from canvases through paste-ups, to sculptures and installations.

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