Rakel Karlsdóttir

Trained in architecture, she designs houses, furniture and collectible art pieces. She is known for her craftsmanship, working with steel, wood, leather and clay. Her inspiration comes from her experience of travelling across cities all through her life, either on a train, plane or riding on her motorcycle.


Born and raised in Iceland, she grew up riding horses over the volcanoes and driving Hummers over the deep rivers of Iceland. At a young age she then moved from Iceland and throughout life, she has lived in different cities like London, Paris, Milan, Athens and New York. Today, she is based out of her Copenhagen tower were she has her creative studio, Rakel Karls. 


She has Master’s degree in Architecture, studied at the Royal Danish Academy and a Bachelor’s degree in architectural technology and construction management. 

Her work primarily involves designing housing, furniture, collectible art pieces and as a client advisor for projects she gets hired to – often by world-renowned companies like Snøhetta, BIG, Sweco and Restaurant Barr. 


Her vision is to influence on the emotional and psychological well-being of humans through architecture and art. Most of her inspiration comes from being inspired by what is within us, nature and cities, and traveling to different places.

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